Zarafina Tea Maker

Zarafina Tea Maker
Looking for a high quality tea maker!?

So im in the market for a new machine that can brew my tea for me correctly and safely.
There are two appliances im currently looking at the Zarafina Tea Maker and the Adagio triniTea. Iike both because they have different settings for different tea. The Zarafina can only hold 16 oz. but comes with a ceramic pot and cups, the Adagio has a good 32 oz. pot. But read that both have dangerous plastic that can add toxins to the water and leaking pots. So what do you think? should i buy one of these two or does anyone have a better suggestion for me?

if you’re concerned about plastic, do not use either. Here’s how I make hot tea. boil water in an electric kettle. You can get them anywhere for about 30-40 dollars. get a metal tea strainer, or they sell ceramic ones also. Make your loose leaf tea that way.

lately though, I’ve been using tea bags which I think are just as good. I use a glass container to keep iced tea in.

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