White Tea

White Tea
ok why are we just now hearing about WHITE TEA?

has every one heard of white tea? already? i just saw it on the news , so now u need to swtitch from green tea to white tea, its the same plant just less processed and has more ummmmmpphhhhh . wonder why white tea is just now known to americans?
i know its not new. china has had it for yrs. but i am just now hearing of it.

I’ve been drinking dragon pearl white tea for more than 10 years now. I agree It’s just a marketing gimmick after the green tea gimmick wore out.

I DO like the flavor better, and it is a LITTLE better in the antioxidant category, but not much better. The current hype has done nothing except raise the prices. In a few years it will cool back down and we can all enjoy the beneficial tea at a more reasonable price.

Snapple White Tea Commercial

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