Types of Tea : About Green Tea Leaves

Green tea has numerous health benefits. Learn about green tea facts in this free video clip about types of tea. Expert: Matt Graham Bio: Matt Graham discovered loose tea on a trip to The People’s Republic of China in 2001. In 2006, Matt attended tea seminars at a national tea conference. Filmmaker: MAKE | MEDIA

25 thoughts on “Types of Tea : About Green Tea Leaves

  1. Yes they do.

    It depends on the quality of your tea. A tea spoon of high quality loose leaf tea brewed for 3 min in 1 cup of water at the correct temperature (65degrees for Silver needles at 6 minutes to 95 degrees for 3 minutes of Lapsang Souchong) will usually yield 2 excellent infusion and a third weak one.

    In the case of a 3 minute process do it like this:
    1st infusion: 3min
    2nd infusion: 5min
    3rd infusion 8 min

  2. “..So, you’re going to get similar health benefits no matter what kind of tea you’ re drinking..”
    Im sorry, but you talking bullshit. Learn about the benefits of tea fermentation! Japanese sencha has more catechins than any other kind of tea. Look at the tea color after infusion.. only japanese tea is really green. If tea is more green than it has more healthy catechins, so it does matter..

  3. i smoked some tea straight out the tea bad jus a sec ago. calms me down a lot ha ha. anyone else done that before???

  4. Just had my first premium loose-leaf (imported from India) style green tea…What a difference! The smell and taste are both leaps and bounds ahead of any bagged tea, i swear its like a completely different type of drink. Damn it, now that I’ve tasted it i might not be able to go back, this habit might get more costly 😛

  5. thats not true, that only japanese tea is green. And the other thing that the name “green tea” is a name of a big category of tea´s, because there are many of them! So also the benefits can differ. For instance i love the Laoshan green tea / 崂山绿茶 / from Shandong / 山东 /

  6. tea is the bomb! get the good stuff with the good leaves and unwind. Tea makes the body more open, unwind, relaxed, more atentive, its also good for your skin. so don’t stop drinkin the leaves

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