Tea Wulong Wuyi

Tea Wulong Wuyi
Hello, I am taking Wuyi Wulong Tea Capsules but I am anxious now. Does it have a side effect?

I have been taking them for 3 or 4 days total and my mood as of lately has been very anxious and depressed/moody. This is not normally like me to act this way. Does anyone know if this product has a side effect? I ordered the capsules online and they are 500 mg capsules. I take between 1-3 a day to help with weight loss/metabolism. I really don’t like feeling like this, so any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

That link doesn’t work man, this is my mom asking the question and I really want to make sure she’s okay. Not sure, does anyone know if there are any side effects?

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