Tea Tikuanyin

Tea Tikuanyin
I found these dried tea leaves in my cabinet, which is the best?

They are all from China, and no I’m not chinese.

Tikuanyin Tea

Jasmine Tea

White Tea

Pu Li Tea

Which is the best for health and weight loss?

Well, first of all, I feel that concerning taste, the chinese tea would be the best. China has a great variety of teas. You should also try Sweet Coconut Thai Chai and India Spice Chai (they are Thai and Indian, but they are still really good). Concerning health, all tea is healthy – no doubt about it, green, black, white…it’s all healthy. Concerning weight loss, I would suggest on a daily basis you drink a cold tea drink with no sugar or sugar flavoring and begin to jog every day and get your body movin!

Tea Time Tuesday – Iced Ti Kuan Yin

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