Tea Straw Bombilla

Tea Straw Bombilla
How much caffeine is in the average cup of Yerba Mate tea?

And.. is there a difference in the caffeine content of Mate tea (teabag variety) versus the loose leaf material (say, brewed in a coffeemaker)?

I’m not going to all the bother of using it the traditional way (bombilla, gourd, metal straw etc) so what easy method of preparation would yield the most punch?

Excluding drinking mate tea from a gourd, I’d recommend loose leaf mate in a french press over a coffeemaker. Yerba mate needs to steep in order to maximize it’s energizing and nutrional qualities. In a french press, the water can freely circulate through the grounds. Many coffeemakers simply pour hot water quickly through the mate, not giving it much of a chance to steep.

We’ve used Bodum french presses for years and find they work well for mate tea…You can check some out at http://www.matefactor.com/index.php/Bodum-French-Presses/View-all-products.html

Tea bags are good for convenience, but they don’t let the water circulate as well. I normally stir the tea bags with a spoon as they are steeping in the cup, but the flavor is not as intense with teabags.

How to prepare “mates” (Argentinian tea)

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