Tea Loose Tea

Tea Loose Tea
Bodum tea no longer sells the loose tea bodums best, you can’t get it anywhere. What ingredients were in it?

I need the specific ingredients that made up the loose tea Bodums Best.
No tea bags.

Was this the tea?

If so, they describe it as “A delight full [sic] mix of green tea, black tea and cactus flower. Also contains fresh sunflower leaves and aroma.” You should be able to get all of these ingredients online or at a good herbal/tea store, and work out the proportions through experimentation (if you still have some of the tea, examine it closely for a better idea of how much of everything is in it).

My guess would be that it’s primarily black tea–likely Assam or Ceylon–with smaller amounts of green tea, cactus flower, and sunflower. I don’t know about sunflower leaves, but I do have a few teas with sunflower petals. A little goes a long way.

Here are some places to buy the ingredients:

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea : Brewing Green Tea

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