Tea Jasmine

Tea Jasmine
is this how Jasmine tea is supposed to taste?

for those who might’ve fell on my yesterday question about ‘favorite teas’ i ordered a rooibois and an extremly expensive tea called

“chinese jasmine white cloud” like, extremly expensive, as in 31 euros per 100g

so it arrived and i made a pot. However, it gives me this ‘stiff’ after taste.

how can i explain it…

my mouth has a dry feeling on every surface in it, without actually being dry. if that makes sense…

It sounds like it was a very high quality tea, if you paid that price for it! I apologize that I have not read your prior question, but to address this one white teas are usually very different in taste from green or black teas. It’s possible that you didn’t steep the tea correctly. White tea is very delicate and because of this is one of the trickiest teas to steep properly. Try this: heat the water you are going to use (preferably very high quality water) until the water is just about to boil, but is not fully boiling. Let the water sit for a minute or two, then pour over the tea leaves. Let the tea steep for 60-90 seconds, then strain the leaves out of the tea. This should give you pretty close to a perfect steep. The tea will be very light tasting, and the jasmine should come through pretty strong because of it. It should have a significantly floral taste and a mellow finish. If this is not the case, then you may want to consider returning it or discarding it. It’s probably old, or was stored incorrectly.

Hope this helps!

Jasmine Flowering Tea

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