Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser
Loose tea advice?

I recently purchased loose tea and the pieces of tea are so small that they go right through my infuser which is made of a tight mesh material. Looking at the infuser you wouldnt think that the tea would go through since the mesh is so fine, but unfortunately it does. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can brew this yummy tea without it getting loose in the water?

I thought about just treating it like it was coffee and putting it in a filter in my Mr. Coffee but this tea tastes better if it is brewed longer.
I want to be able to brew one or two cups at a time.

Is cheesecloth expensive? I have never worked with it.
What’s a wooly hat?

Put the loose tea in the pot 1 teaspoon per cup, dump properly boiling water over it quickly, the tea swells, strain it as it is poured out of the pot over the following 3 to 20 minutes brewing time. Don’t forget to use a tea cosy, or in the US a wooly hat over the pot.

How To Use a Tea Infuser Basket

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