Tea Flowering

Tea Flowering
What is the best flowering/blooming tea (Numi, Primula, etc)?

its gonna be a gift, so i want it to be good but i never tried it myself…i surfed the web and there are so many brands – i need an expert advice =) thanks everyone!

My friend works at an organic food store, and he had brought home a Numi flowering tea to try. The end product of the flower is very far from what is shown on the package. Ours looked like a demented bug or seaweed. It’s trippy to see it open, but the flower is just awkwardly held on by a string, (and the idea of somebody hand-sowing tea leaves is very uncomforting for me). We tried it after 5 min of brewing, it tasted like water. we brewed it for half an hour, and it still tasted very very bland and weak. I don’t recommend it. I know it’s in a pretty box, but my experience with it was VERY BLAH.

Journey Into Flowering Tea

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