Tea Flowering Long

Tea Flowering Long
What part of the Passiflora incarnata (purple passion flower) can be consumed? and how do i make into tea?

I have had passion flower vines in my yard for a long time now and i just recently found out that i could consume them. What can I use of the plant and what parts can be made into tea? I found something about the use of the aerial parts but i don’t know what the aerial parts are.

Aerial parts are all aboveground plant parts, but you can use the root too.

The complete herb ( leaves, stem, flowers too, but they are too pretty for tea, isn`t it ) is used to make tea ( mild sedative, decreasing blood pressure etc )
If you don’t like the taste of the tea, so mix it after it has been boiled and strained with some pure fruit juice to make it more palatable.

Poulticed roots are used for boils, cuts, earaches and inflammation.

Some varieties have edible tasty fruits:

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