Tea Flavored Black

Tea Flavored Black
Earl Gray Black Tea suggestions?

I don’t really drink hot tea (only sweet tea. I’m from Georgia ;] ) but I recently discovered that I love the taste and smell of Earl Gray Black Tea, but I’m not sure how to do it right.

So I can put the bag in my cup of water. Based on your preferences or general preferences, how long would you suggest letting it seep? How many lumps of sugar? Do I put milk in it?? I’m trying to get the most delicious possible flavor, so tell me how you like it! Thanks! The yummiest combination gets 10 points 🙂

Your water should be at or close to the boiling point when you pour it over the tea bag. I like my tea on the weak side, so I use one tea bag in a tea pot instead of one per cup, but the technique is the same. Have the tea bag in the hot water until it’s as dark as you like! I like mine a deep golden shade, then add about a teaspoon of sugar and enough milk/half-and-half so that you can’t see through the tea anymore. Some people like to add lemon juice instead of the cream and sugar (just don’t put cream and lemon juice – it curdles).

Also, if you enjoy Earl Grey, you might like Lady Grey too. It’s similar, but there’s a bit of citrus flavor that’s delicious.

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