Tea Bags For Puffy Eyes

Using Tea Bags for Puffy Eyes

It’s true that tea bags for puffy eyes works.

Think about it.
Tea bags over your eyes are a spa stand-by!

So why is tea bags for puffy eyes so popular?

Tea contains tannins which are natural astringents. This is why using them helps relieve your puffy eyes.

Although green tea is beneficial to drink, you dont’ have to use green tea bags for this.

Any tea bags will work, so buy the cheapest generic tea you can find.

Use two steeped tea bags, as the tea bags need to be moist to work.

If you use black tea and are concerned about it staining your skin, wrap the tea bags in tissue before placing them on your eyes.

You can place the wet tea bags in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes for them to get cold, place them on your eyes, and relax for a while.  Leave the tea bags on for at least 2-5 minutes for the best results.

One thing to note, however, is that tea bags work for puffy eyes, NOT for bags under your eyes. That’s because puffiness is caused bya temporary collection of fluid under your eyes. Bags under your eyes are caused by weakened muscles that allow the skin to become less elastic. Fat tissue pushes through and around the muscles then, and give the skin a swollen appearance. The only remedy for baggy eyes is to concel them with makeup or have cosmetic surgery.

However, you can use

tea bags for puffy eyes

and get rid of the swelling!

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