Tea Bag

Tea Bag
Can you get the same benefits of green tea by leaving the tea bag in your mouth than making a cup of tea?

This question may sound VERY strange, perhaps even stupid, but I REALLY hate the bitterness of green tea, so rather than putting it in water (to make a cup of tea) could I put a green tea bag in my mouth, and let it sit there, since it’s nutrients would become absorbed into my saliva, which you swallow?

I wouldn’t recommend putting the tea bag in your mouth directly! 🙂 That would probably just make it worse. Also, I believe I have heard that there are chemicals in tea bags which are carcinogenic. This is one reason why I will always recommend loose leaf tea. When you use bagged tea, all you have are the tea fannings and dust – or CTC (cut-tear-curl) tea, whereas with loose leaf, you have the whole leaves. Using anything less than the whole leaf would be a major factor in having bitter tea – the cut edges in bagged tea allow more of the flavor and bitterness to be released. Loose leaf tea tends to have a superior quality and flavor and will help you to find the tea that you like. There are also many more types of tea out there then you would probably think including the literally thousands of varieties of each of the six general types: white, green, yellow, oolong, black, and pu-erh.

A probable reason why you didn’t like the tea that you had previously is that you didn’t prepare it properly. When you use tea bags, many of the same principles apply as loose-leaf tea, including the temperature of the water and the amount of time steeping. For green tea, the water temperature should be around 170-180º F (temperature is crucial), and it should be steeped for less than 2 minutes. Also, you should use only one cup (8 oz) of water per tea bag so that the tea won’t be too light or too strong. Preparing the tea properly can have a major effect on the final quality of the tea. I’m sure that once you learn to prepare it in the right way, you will come to love it.

If you start using loose-leaf tea (which is a much better value when compared to bagged tea), you should do some research on the proper brewing techniques (such as on this webpage: http://www.cooksshophere.com/products/Pr… ) to be able to enjoy your tea to the fullest extent.

Here is a great place for buying loose leaf tea: http://www.teatrekker.com/main.htm

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  1. (Grocery) I’ve been drinking green tea reiuilogsly for the past 2 years. I drink about 5 cups a day, and have tried quite a few different ones for decent periods (ranging from Bigelow, to Twinings, to more expensive teas). I originally started drinking it purely for the health benefits, but the flavor grew on me quickly and I sought to try `better tasting/higher quality’ tea. I started with these packs of Lipton, and after trying several different teas I ended up coming back to it. In my experiences, while there certainly are very distinct differences in flavor between all the different teas, they all tend to grow on you over time. It gets really tough to judge preferences between them, and at the end it’s extremely subjective which one you may like best. That said, flavor-wise this green tea might not be my favorite. I suppose it would be best described as tasting `less green’ than more expensive teas, or slightly watered down/mild. But, considering the price I can’t fairly list that as a con. At the end of the day for what I desire out of it, it’s perfect for me.It has the health benefits, it has easy/convenient (and recyclable!) packaging, tastes good, and is among the lowest price per tea bag of any other teas. So for me, it’s 5 stars. Also, another reviewer seemed to think Amazon had it overpriced, but his math is definitely off. Per tea bag, as long as you have free shipping and no taxes Amazon definitely has the cheapest price (and by a good margin) I’ve found between Walmart, Stop and Shop, tea stores, Lipton website, etc (as long as you’re buying the 6-pack).

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