Tanabata Japanese Organic Green Tea

An Introduction to the ancient Japanese Art of Sencha and Matcha Green Tea, its amazing Health Benefits and uniquely exquisite taste sensation, with Tea Master, 12th Generation, Okimasa Matsuda, of Kyoto, Japan and Janina Kulhay-Matsuda, Director/Owner of Tanabata Company of Elora, Canada, www.tanabatagreentea.com, with Dr. Marla Shapiro, of CTV Balance TV.

8 thoughts on “Tanabata Japanese Organic Green Tea

  1. I was at their store in Elora last Saturday and I had tried the 7 Star sencha, it was very smooth, aromatic and REALLY green! 🙂

  2. Tanabata Green Tea is in Elora, Ontario, right? I was there not too long ago and had a free sample of their tea. I’ll probably order some more off their website soon

  3. lol, they were rushing the Tea Master. I think they should have reserved more time for the 12th GENERATION tea master to show his skills. talk about disrespectful.

  4. Im sorry.But theres no way im going to take advice from an overweight person.If you’re going to talk to me about health….you better practice what you preach.

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