Cool Tea Infusers for Geeks At Heart!

You mean there are cool tea infusers for geeks?

Why yes, there are!

Geeks and gadgets go together. And as an unashamed geek, I will admit I love my morning tea. And if you are a fan of tea also, you’ll know that loose tea is better. It’s cheaper to buy tea in bulk, and it tastes better.

If you’re brewing a cup of tea at a time, then you need a tea infuser. Now you could settle for an ordinary tea ball, but why do that when you could have one of the cool tea infusers shown below?

You could jet-propel your morning brew with a rocket tea infuser. Put a Death Star to good use, or go really retro and back to prehistoric times with a T-Rex to brew your tea.

Add a little whimsy to your morning brew and put a smile on your face!

        Robot Tea Infuser

                  Robotic Butler for Tea Making!

What self-respecting geek doesn’t like robots?

If you like to drink hot tea, and you like robots, then this Robot Tea Infuser is just the thing!

All you have to do is pop open this robot’s stainless steel chest compartment and fill it up with some awesome loose leaf tea. Then shut the door dude! And let the robot take a dip in a cup of hot water.

“Thank the maker!” your robot will exclaim. “This tea bath is going to feel so good! I’ve got such a bad case of tea dust contamination, I can barely move!”

The robot can hang by his arm and keep his head above tea level, while his body soaks in the hot water and allows the tea to steep.

When your hot tea has reached perfection, pull out the robot and there you go!

Robots and tea = superb geek hot drink!

Rocket your way to Geek Tea Heaven!

This ain’t rocket science… it’s rocket tea time!

Hey, even brainiac geeks can use a nice cup of tea now and then. That’s when a Rocket Ship Tea Infuser is really useful

It’s a sturdy stainless steel rocket, ready to take your load of tea into the inner space of your tea cup, and brew a little tea fuel.

Rockets and geeks… it’s the perfect combination.

Steep with the Star Wars Death Star!

Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

Use the dark side of the force and make some darkly steep Star Wars tea!

The Death Star is the perfect shape for a tea ball, and will allow the tea to evenly distribute itself through your cup of hot water.

It’s stainless steel, so no contamination of your tea… just steeped in the Dark Side… but hey! Explore that bad boy or bad girl persona and make a dark drink.

When you’re finished, you can grab that TIE Fighter and yank that Death Star out of the mug and enjoy your infusion of tea steeped in the dark side.

You know you want one…

Ball-Shape Push Style Tea Infuser Strainer
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  • Ends: Dec 26, 2017 21:28:50 CST

What’s The Best Tea For a Geek?

If you love Star Trek, there’s only one choice for tea. . . Tea, Earl Grey, Hot

Yep, it’s – Officially-Licensed Star Trek Tea!!

You can pretend you’re on the Starship Enterprise, just sitting down to a friendly chat over a nice cup of tea with Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Earl Gray… the perfect tea for for a spaced out geek tea infuser. Get your Earl Grey tea by clicking HERE.

Science Fiction Tea Cups

You need something to pour your tea into it so you can drink it! So let’s check out what might be on eBay that looks cool!

Big Chief Studios Sherlock: Jim Moriarty Figure (1:6 Scale)
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How To Make Green Tea

Tea Embassy instructs you how to make a cup of green tea, using the exquisite Jasmine Pearls Green Tea, a measuring spoon, a tea infuser basket, timer, electric water kettle and glass mug.

Tea Infuser

Tea Infuser
Loose tea advice?

I recently purchased loose tea and the pieces of tea are so small that they go right through my infuser which is made of a tight mesh material. Looking at the infuser you wouldnt think that the tea would go through since the mesh is so fine, but unfortunately it does. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can brew this yummy tea without it getting loose in the water?

I thought about just treating it like it was coffee and putting it in a filter in my Mr. Coffee but this tea tastes better if it is brewed longer.
I want to be able to brew one or two cups at a time.

Is cheesecloth expensive? I have never worked with it.
What’s a wooly hat?

Put the loose tea in the pot 1 teaspoon per cup, dump properly boiling water over it quickly, the tea swells, strain it as it is poured out of the pot over the following 3 to 20 minutes brewing time. Don’t forget to use a tea cosy, or in the US a wooly hat over the pot.

How To Use a Tea Infuser Basket