Sencha Green Tea

Sencha Green Tea
As an everyday tea, do people in Japan drink Sencha loose leaf tea or Sencha powder tea?

I have heard green tea bags are not good and powder tea is better. thank you = ]
Thank you for helping me out. Some unkind person gave yall tumbs down, it wasn’t me. If I was on Level two, I would give yall tumbs up. But I am still on level one so can’t do that = [

Sencha is a loose leaf tea of medium to high quality and is one of the more commonly available teas available in Japan. It is not sold in a powdered form – the most familar form of powdered tea are called macha. There are powdered tea mixes available for instant drinks, but these are generally made from lower quality leaves unsuitable for normal consumption.

Practical “Sencha” Japanese Green Tea brewing technique

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