Rare Teapot Collecting

Rare Teapot Collecting
Your New Hobby!
by Robert

If you’re looking for a new hobby, then collecting teapots might be just what you’re looking for. It can be a lot more fun than people give it credit for. There are incredibly many variations of teapots, ranging from antique to novelty. You can even get a hilarious teapot in the shape of Margaret Thatcher’s head, where the tea comes out of her nose!

Most important for a collectible teapot is that it is very rare. Fellow collectors will look down on you, if your collection consists of teapots that everyone can buy at the local walmart. Look around for teapots that have a low factory production. This makes them hard to get. Antique teapots in fine condition with a low factory production will be even more rare, since they tend to break or crack.

Collectible teapots must be of excellent quality. There are a lot of very rare teapots that are literally admired by fellow collectors. It is a hobby that has become a lot more popular in recent times. In the past only very high society called themselves the proud owners of the pots. That is where the trend originated. Owning an attractive teapot was a sign of wealth and class.

In the past teapot enthusiasts were required to sniff out antique stores to find a few these desired items. Today however, you can use the internet to view a great deal of teapots at once. You can also befriend other collectors from around the world, and becoming an expert on the subject has never been easier. Check out websites like Ebay to see what you can find.

Handle your teapot collection with care. Make sure they don’t break, and keep it out of reach for children. Many an expensive teapot has been broken by the hands of our young.

When you start collecting teapots, decide on a type first. It will make you collection more attractive to the eye. You could choose Chinese or British teapots, antique or novelty, or teapots from a certain era. A collection of antique chinese teapots would be a beaut!

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