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Betty asks…

Black tea and pregnancy….

I had no idea that black tea was from the same family as green tea which is not good for you to drink during pregnancy because it can get rid of important enzymes you need during pregnancy. I just saw on the bottle I was drinking my drink out of said that it had black tea in it. Should I be concerned or should I just blow it off and not drink it again. I hope you can help me out, any opinions?

Camillia answers:

One tea a day will not harm you!  You have to drink large amounts of green or black tea for it to become a problem.

Donna asks…

Tea Drinking in pregnancy?

okay, I know Im not supposed to drink dark teas while Im pregnant because of the high amounts of caffeine.. which is also why we shouldnt drink dark sodas. But what about that Lipton White Tea with Raspberry or Green Tea?? Are those allowed.


Camillia answers:

How much tea do you plan on drinking?

One cup of any tea, dark, white, green, will not harm you or the baby.

Drinking excessive amounts- such as for every drink you consume you have ice tea – would be a lot.

White tea has very little caffeine. Herbal Teas have no caffeine (like celestial seasonings flavored ones, they are herbal so no caffeine)

Drinking any kind of tea in moderation is okay, but for more information on green tea and pregnancy read this article.

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