Questions About Lipton Green Tea

Donna asks…

What are the benefits of LIPTON GREEN TEA BAGS?

well, i’m trying to lose weight, and i heard that the lipton green tea bags give you more energy and with more energy means more calories you lose while doing activities.
but, does it have any other benefits?
i started drinking it yesterday, and i’m gonna drink every morning before going to school.
is that going to help at all with my diet? thanks for taking the time to help :]

Camillia answers:

Helps speed up metabalism which is why alot of fat burners have green tea extract in them no it wont make u skinny alone gotta have a good diet but 2-3glasses a day show to burn an extra 50-60cals alone plus more energy

Donald asks…

How Is Lipton Green Tea Good For You?

How Is Lipton Green Tea Good For You? I just want to know how it is good for your body because I heard a lot of rumors that it can cleanse your body or reduce fat and Et cetera. But what does it really do to your body? is their anything else that it can do to your body? is it better than water? lol :-p

Camillia answers:

The antioxidants in it is supposed help boost your immune system and flushing the toxins out your body for you to stay healthy. However drowning it in sugar does you no good,lol. It is kinda better than water but healthy to drink due to lack of caffeine vs. Pop,juices and coffee.

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