Your Questions About Green Tea Health Benefits

James asks…

Am I still getting some good health benefits of green tea even though I only drink it once a day?

I have been doing some research and keep coming across people that say 2-3 cups is the only way to get the health benefits. Is this true? I don’t really have the time or like it enough to drink it that many times a day. I just have it at breakfast and thats about it.

Camillia answers:

Tea is one of those foods whose benefits must be weighed against its risks. Whether you call them tannins, polyphenols, or antioxidants, the chemicals in tea can do harm as well as good. Drink as much as you want to drink, enjoy the taste, and don’t worry about it.

David asks…

All i need to know about green tea?

I am doing a health fair research paper on the health benefits of green tea. i need 6 pages. I have 4 but have a writers block. So if you could give me some more things to write about to get 2 more pages that would be great. You can either just write out the information on your answer or give me a really good website to use!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!! Oh and i need this done by today so please help me ASAP. Thanks again

Camillia answers:


Susan asks…

what is the best green tea brand?

Today, scientific research in both Asia and the west is providing hard evidence for the health benefits long associated with drinking green tea.
Nowadays, market is full of different types of green tea…so my question is:
what are the Healthiest Brands of green tea to drink?

Probably Gyokuro, Sencha, Matcha an so on..are the best,
but the only brands of green I can find in the shops are for example:
1) twinings, 2) lipton,3)tetley.
Are these brands of green tea comparable with the Gyokuro, Sencha….?
If not, what is the best way to buy them? from which web site?

Camillia answers:

I only drink quality Japanese brands as they are the best. The best ones to look out for are:

Gyokuro – The highest quality premium Japanese Green Tea.

Sencha – Green Tea most commonly drunk at home.

Matcha – Powdered green tea, drunk at special occasions. It is very bitter, so traditional served with a small Japanese sweat.

Hojicha – Roasted Bancha green tea. This tea has a roasted rice aroma and contains less caffeine compared to other green teas.

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