Pearl Jasmine Green

Pearl Jasmine Green
Who invented bubble/pearl tea in Taiwan? The pioneer is said to be from Taiwan.?

I like Orange Red Tea with Pearl, Honey Milk Bubble Tea, and Jasmine Green Tea with Pearl. Yummy!

Actually the shop that invented pearl milk tea is generally said to be from Taichung. This is like common knowledge here. However according to wikipedia a shop in Tainan also claims the honor as well.

The shop in Taichung that I think is the real pioneer of the drink is Chun Shui Tang teahouse, while the one in Tainan that claims the title is the Hanlin teahouse.

Anyways, the general street knowledge traditionally supports Taichung’s claim. But this may be just because I live in Taichung.

Anyways, Min-ren is in my opinion the best tea shop out there. I love how their bubble teas are really foamy on top.

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