There are links on this site that connect to products on other sites.  In many cases, we are an affiliate for that product. This means if you purchase a product by clicking on a link or image on this website we may earn an affiliate commission. (This is like a referral fee).

Although we may receive commissions for products purchased or viewed on affiliate websites via our referral, we do not receive revenue for writing any product reviews, nor do we receive free products for evaluation.

To be 100% clear, you should assume that we will earn a commission on any product that you purchase after clicking on links or images on this website.

Although we only recommend what we feel are high quality products that represent good value for the money spent, please understand that we are all different.  Therefore, keep in mind that a product that we really like and recommend may not meet your unique expectations, goals and aspirations. So always be sure to do your own due diligence on any product before you purchase it.

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