Oolong Wulong Tea

Oolong Wulong Tea
What is the difference between “Oolong” and “Wulong” tea? Are they the same tea?
I have researched for the differences and the best I have come up with is that they are the same tea, just pronounced differently. I want to know if they are the same or different. – Thanks!Oolong
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For other uses, see Oolong (disambiguation).

Oolong tea leaves
Wuyi Huang Guan Yin tea leaves
Wuyi Qi Lan Oolong tea leavesOolong (Chinese: 烏龍; pinyin: wūlóng) is a traditional Chinese type of tea somewhere in between green and black in oxidation. Although it has a taste more akin to green tea than to black tea, it does not have the stridently grassy vegetal notes that typify green tea. The best Oolong has a nuanced flavor profile. It should be brewed strong and bitter, yet leave one’s mouth with a faintly sweet aftertaste.

The term “oolong” means “black dragon” or “black snake” in Chinese; various legends describe the origin of this curious name. In one legend, the owner of a tea plantation was scared away from his drying tea leaves by the appearance of a black snake; when he cautiously returned several days later, the leaves had been oxidized by the sun and gave a delightful brew. Another tale tells of a man named Wu Liang (later corrupted to Wu Long, or Oolong) who discovered oolong tea by accident when he was distracted by a deer after a hard day’s tea-picking, and by the time he remembered about the tea it had already started to oxidise. Others say that the tea is called “oolong” because the leaves look like little black dragons that wake when you pour hot water on them.

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