Oolong Loose Tea

Oolong Loose Tea
Does Tea help lose weight??

i’ve heard that oolong tea or grean tea helped you loose weight, but is that true??
also, which one is better and help you lose weight quicker, if it works??

Some studies suggest it speeds up your metabolism for certain individuals. However, the scientific evidence is very sketchy; it seems to vary greatly with different people, likely an indication that it will depend on your genes.
Even with the change in metabolism, the effect is very minimal – especially in comparison with regular means of losing weight (eating habits, working out, etc.). In fact, water (just plain old tap water) has an immensely more positive impact on your body’s health than a cup of tea (or even some health shakes). It’s so under-rated!

Bottom line? It might, we just don’t know yet, and even if it does, it’s very minimal and can not substitute regular physical activity and good eating habits.

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