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Lisa asks…

What is the equivalent in cups of Green tea to taking a 315mg green tea extract capsule?

Basically, how many cups of green tea is equal to one 315mg extract capsule?

Camillia answers:


Joseph asks…

Can i mix green tea extract with green tea powder in a body scrub?

I want to make my own green tea body scrub, and am wondering if I can mix green tea powder with green tea extract and sugar.

Camillia answers:

Yes. Try to add a little jojoba oil or sunflower oil to it as well. I know that you can order the matcha green tea from origins stores or Its delicious and it is the most potent green tea on earth derived from the oldest tea fields in japan

Laura asks…

How much theanine is there in green tea extract?


I want to supplement with theanine for stress relief and it seems green tea extract might be a more natural and economical way to do it. The container says each pill has 315mg of green tea extract, how much theanine will it have? My aim is about 150mg of theanine.

Many Thanks

Camillia answers:

That really depends on what you buy. Normally, Theanine accounts for 1 to 2% of dry tea. When buying Tea Extract, most will say something like “so much whole herb, so much this.” so to get the percentage of how much Theanine you are getting just assume 2% of that. Which isn’t allot.

But I have seen extracts range between “Green Tea L-theanine 10%” to “Green Tea L-theanine 99%” because they are formulas for extracting the most Theanine compared to other components of tea.

I do know that Theanine is found most abundant in Chamomile. Which is why Chamomile relaxes most people and helps most people fall asleep and is used as a traditional cure for nightmares. Because of all the teas you can drink it has the most. So you might get better results looking for whole chamomile extract if you don’t want to buy specific percentage extracts of tea.

Or just do a search for: “Green Tea L-theanine 99%” in google and just take however many mg of Theanine you want each day.

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