Making Green Tea-ramisu

A variation on the classic tiramisu cake, using green tea instead of espresso and cocoa powder. A little slice of heaven!

25 thoughts on “Making Green Tea-ramisu

  1. thanks, also there’s 3 layers of lady fingers right?
    ’cause u only said final 3rd layer or sumthing…

  2. 1st, usually the among of mascarpone you used should be 2 teaspoons of green tea powder(just my opinion) as I know if you put too much green tea powder and it will be so bitter. pls be reminded that you also put the lady fingers to the green tea too(but I don’t know how strong is the green tea)
    2nd, I think the green color is too dark, if it is little bit lighter and it looks more delicious.
    Can you tell me if it is taste a bit bitter?

  3. Lily, the green tea powder wasn’t too bitter, and the green tea soaking was pretty light as well. In my opinion, the overall taste was well balanced. You noticed the green tea flavor but it was not overwhelming.
    Try making the recipe and tell me what you think!

  4. Hi Murky2, can you tell me the website to buy your green tea powder, and pls let me know how to make the green tea, you used the green tea leaves or tea bag and what’s the qty? many thx.

  5. we bought the powder from a Japanese grocery store. You might be able to find it from a specialty tea shop or online store.
    We made the green tea using loose leaf green tea, brewed strongly.

  6. looks so yummy! how do you make the ladyfingers stand around the pan? iheydid not fall while you were spreading the mixture even if it was being disturbed…

  7. because the egg whites will cause the cake to “weep”. It’s the yolk fat that keeps it stable. Do you have a recipe that calls for full eggs?

  8. @Starlight007 – yes! we cut the rounded end off one side of the ladyfinger cookie to make it straight so we could stand it up like a fence. If you watch the vid, you can see that we used those little cut end pieces in the bottom of the tiramisu cake.

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