Japanese/Thai tea commerical with caterpillars

Caterpillars For Tea!

This is one cute commercial. Check it out, and put a smile on your face.  Then drink some tea!

Funny Japanese/Thai commercial.



25 thoughts on “Japanese/Thai tea commerical with caterpillars

  1. lvl 20 caterpie used tail whip!
    Its super efective!
    Caterpie used fake tears!
    random guy used fake tears!
    other people use mean look!
    Caterpie used hypnosis!
    it had no effect…
    Top tea leaves is evolveing!
    congratulations top tea leaves evolved in to Green tea!

  2. kukuku me gusta como este comercial cambia tan drasticamente, ademas, es comprensible, todos los bebes de la naturaleza tienen poderes hipnóticos cuando su ternura no les funciona! XD

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