Japanese Green Tea

samovartea.com Japanese green tea offers a huge spectrum of diverse brews, ranging from very light and grassy to deep and roasted. Join Christine Savage as she delves into the subtle and not so subtle differences of Japanese Green Tea. – The difference between how Japanese Green tea is processed – How is green tea made? – Some teas Matcha, Houjicha, Sencha, Fukamushi, Lobocha, Ryokucha For teas mentioned in this episode, search shop.samovartea.com – Japanese Green Tea, Ryokucha, Kukicha, Houjicha , Hika Sencha, Lobocha , Matcha

23 thoughts on “Japanese Green Tea

  1. Where is a place like this in Toronto, Ontario? I am looking for the best Japanese Green tea bar/lounges. Please post me helpful information. Thank-you!

  2. in Elora Ontario there is a Japanese tea master, i would defiantly recommend his store, he sells sencha and matcha, and you can try the tea in the store as well

  3. Umm…not a french press! Get a japaneese teapot with a stainless steel mesh filter in it, and let the tea go loose in the pot and brew for 1 minute. Just search how to brew sencha.

  4. ok so the tea always come out a very light colour?
    normaly with greentea back its come out a nice strong dark colour.

  5. What did she say in between the Oji-cah and the Fukumushi Sencha? – “Logo-cha”???

    Is there a book I can read, b/c I am finding out about Japanese green teas and am utterly fascinated with the flavor variety and look.

    (BTW, Chinese green tea is extremely bitter and brewed utterly differently – not worse or better just $8 teaches you not to buy everything called “green tea”. 🙂

  6. sorry I’m commenting on a comment you wrote forever ago… just wanted to say the guy she’s talking to is the owner of Samovar tea lounge, and is only asking for the audience. He knows far more then any of his employees about these teas, and even drinks teas that cost hundreds of dollars per ounce because he has a deep obsession and admiration for tea. It’s pretty much his life. Not to mention he is gay, which has nothing to do with tea, but maybe he’s only partly listening to her speak?

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