Japanese Ashitaba Tea Secrets

Discover the Secrects of Japanese Ashitaba Tea

Fukuundo Ashitaba Japan imageThis tea is reputed to be even healthier than green tea.

Japanese Ashitaba Tea is a remarkable plant exhibiting the benefits of both land and marine plants.

It is rich in nutrients and contains natural supplements that are good for your body.  Some of these include:

  • eleven vitamins,
  • thirteen minerals,
  • chlorophyll,
  • enzymes,
  • carotene,
  • germanium,
  • saponins,
  • proteins,
  • plant fibers,
  • glycosides,
  • coumarins,
  • and an unique and rare class of flavonoids called chalcones.

Japanese Ashitaba Tea also happens to be the only known plant to contain a substances called chalcones. This substance, an aromatic ketone and an enone, forms the central core for a variety of important biological compounds. Collectively these compounds are known as chalcones or chalconoids. These are purported to be potent anti-oxidants, helping the body on a cellular level.

More Secrets of Japanese Ashitaba Tea

Ashitaba is also high in chlorophyll.  Sometimes this is called “Green Blood” for the reason is has a molecular structure tht is similar to that of our blood.  There is research on the health benefits of chlorophyll that shows it helps prevent damage to genes by carcinogenic substances called aflatoxins. 

It also contains natural organic germanium, which is known to promote production of Interferon, a defensive material produced by our body to prevent viruses and bacterias from penetrating into our cells. Germanium is valuable in the purification of blood by keeping away harmful hydrogen ions in the blood, creating an alkaline PH, increasing oxygen, and by activating blood cell replacements.

Japanese Ashitaba Tea has a lot going for it!

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