Is Green Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Are You Wondering, “Is Green Tea Safe During Pregnancy?”

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Considering all the hoopla about the health benefits of green tea, one might think it is a great beverage to drink during pregnancy.  However, there are some different considerations a pregnant woman needs to think about before drinking a lot of green tea.

First off, green tea does contain caffeine. You can see a lot of advertisements on television about the positive effects of drinking the said tea but for those individuals who can’t take caffeine, they should be extra careful.

Some of the harmful effects of too much caffeine intake in people can be heart palpitations, jitters, insomnia, and many other unwanted effects.  That is definitely something to consider if you’re wondering “is green tea safe during pregnancy?”   If you are senstive to caffeine, even though there are lower amounts of caffeine in green tea than in black tea or coffee, do be aware that it does have some!

And if you’re pregnant, it’s not just your body reacting to the caffeine, but your unborn child as well.

Because of caffeine does bother some people, manufacturers of green tea are now producing decaffeinated teas to cater to the needs of those who can’t take caffeine.  So if you’re afraid of the effects of caffeine, you can just purchase the decaffeinated green tea.

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More Questions Concerning “Is Green Tea Safe During Pregnancy?”

However, there is also some questions that large quantities of green tea consumed during the first trimester of pregnancy may contribute to neural tube defects, or problems of the spine in the developing baby.

The bottom line is that while green tea is a healthy beverage, you need to be cautious about drinking large amounts of it while trying to conceive or during pregnancy.  A cup or two a day probably isn’t going to have a negative effect, but making it a staple of your diet might not be such a good idea.

In this case, it’s probably wiser to err on the side of caution and restrict your consumption of green tea until after your baby is born.  You can learn more about green tea and pregnancy here.

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