Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

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Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss??


Green tea weight loss supplements are gaining in popularity because of health benefits and weight loss benefits. When you consider so many weight loss supplements are hazardous to your health, it is good to know that green tea not only helps when trying to lose weight, but has other health benefits as well.

Some of the side benefits to using green tea for weight loss are that it can help prevent and slow down the spread of certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer, according to certain studies, in addition to helping regulate the blood sugar level in diabetics.

Choosing The Type of Green Tea

Drinking green tea is certainly a popular way to get the benefits for weight loss and health.  The tea is made from dried tea leaves, extracts or powders. 

Since not only is the entire leaf used in powders, but the process lightly steams the leaf before grinding it up so that the chlorophyll is also preserved and fermentation is slowed, this is the most potent type of green tea.

However, green tea is also available in the supplemental forms of pills, capsules and liquid green tea extract.  Each has merits, so you can choose to get your green tea benefits in the form most congenial to your tastes.  Just be sure to get a quality supplement if that’s the route you take, one that is composed of green tea and not a lot of unwanted fillers.

More Answers to “Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?”

The benefits of using green tea for weight loss in any of these methods are manifold.  First, green tea helps to slow the release of glucose into the blood after eating a meal since it causes the enzyme amylase to slow its work of breaking down starches.  By doing so, the body can process the blood sugar rather than just turning it to fat. 

An additional benefit to using green tea for weight loss is that it helps to break down body fat in conjunction with the higher metabolism induced by the caffeine and the individual’s workout plan. 

Do-it-yourself Green Tea

You can chose to buy your green tea in supplemental form, or go with the more purist method of drinking green tea. 

If you want to make your own dieters green tea so you know exactly what is in it, you might enjoy “do it yourself magic green tea.”

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