Iced Tea

Iced Tea
Is it ok to drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea?

I have been drinking a lot of unsweetened iced tea as an alternative to sodas, mainly because of the caffiene (minus the calories and sugar). Is this healthy or does tea have negative health effects?

By the way, I also drink lots of water to rehydrate myself.

Tea is the drink of the gods. There is absolutely no evidence to show that drinking an excess of tea is bad for you. You are actually doing this the best way by drinking it unsweetened- the way it was meant to be enjoyed. You will be much healthier for it- especially by cutting out the sugary soda.

All tea, regardless of the type, has antioxidants. And the caffeine that is in black tea has been clinically proven to reduce your chance of heart attack and stroke because it gently stimulates your cardiac muscle.(this is a much different type of caffeine than is in cola and coffee which stimulate the nervous system).

Also, tea has fluoride, which helps with oral health, and this type of tea does have a fair level of antioxidants. But, you might find that your taste for tea will broaden and you will start to enjoy green tea and white tea, which are more healthy.

Good job for making a positive change in your health! Bravo!

As a side note, tea has been approved as a substitute for water in your daily intake. So, it is still a good idea to drink water, but you wouldn’t be unhealthy to drink 64oz of tea and no water, because there aren’t any additives(unless you did take it with cream and sugar)

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