Herbal Tea Supplement

Herbal Tea supplement
What are some natural remedies for asthma?

The cold weather is causing me bad bronchospasms. Its hard to suck in air. I have medicine but I don’t like using my medicine any more than I need to.

Is there anything that I can eat or drink regularly to help alleviate this? Not as a replacement for my medicine, just something to help it, like some kind of herbal tea, natural dietary supplement, etc. 10 points for your help! I appreciate it!

I’m an asthma sufferer just like you. Sometimes I find when I am having trouble breathing, I take a hot shower and the steam from the shower actually helps me breath better. Especially when I am not sick. When I am sick and I get bronchitis, I feel that the cold air helps me. There is no surefire way to know this is going to work until you try it. But it works wonders for me! Hope this helps you!

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