Herb Tea Supplement

Herb Tea supplement

The Lowdown on Green Tea Pills

With the popularity of green tea these days and all the associated benefits, many people are wondering if there is such a thing as green tea pills. Well there are supplements available that contain all that is good in this Chinese herb. The supplements do not contain the caffeine that is found in the tea.

What are the benefits of green tea pills? One of the main benefits is its ability to help prevent cancer. However, when combined in a supplement with many other healthy vitamins and herbs then the benefits would be far greater than a simple cup of tea. Studies have been done to combine vitamins and herbs together so that they all work in synergy together. This type of supplement would give you much better results than a standard supplement.

Would it not be cost effective if you could take one supplement instead of numerous pills and vitamins? Some people just keep buying different pills, vitamins, and end up spending a fortune every month. The best and much less expensive option is to use a multi vitamin that contains numerous herbs, amino acids and vitamins including the health benefits of green tea.

If you want the health benefits of green tea pills, then an appropriate amount is approximately one hundred milligrams of green tea extract. Besides cancer prevention, other benefits include maintaining your cardiovascular and heart health. It also helps you burn more fat when you exercise. In addition, it will also help prevent type II diabetes by improving your sensitivity to insulin.

Other studies link green tea pills and the health benefits of green tea to an increase of your metabolism, which helps in dieting. Look for a supplement that contains a multitude of nutrients. Visit my website as I have much more information available there.

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