Grey Tea

Grey Tea
Great Sweet Iced Tea Recipe Using Lipton and Earl Grey Tea Bags?

I had a friend of mine make me some sweet iced tea a few months ago. He would not reveal his secret to me. He said something about 6 Lipton bags and 1 Earl Grey bag. I tried to make the tea repeatedly, but was unsuccessful. Maybe the sugar was off… or the water ratio was off. I was wondering if anybody has a good idea?

I use a tea kettle and boil the water. I would use 3 lipton tea bags and one earl grey in a gallon pitcher. Pour the hot water over the bags-you can dunk the whole bag but remove the paper tags first. I like to sweeten my tea with AGUAVE Nectar instead of sugar -my mother-in law showed my the nectar (organic) but it sweetens very nice, doesn’t need to dissolve because it is a syrup like product and you don’t need alot of it.

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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