Green Tea : What Is Green Tea?

Just what IS Green Tea?

All this talk about green tea, well, what is it exactly???

Green Tea is not fermented or oxidized. Learn more about green tea with tips from a tea lounge owner in this free tea brewing video. Expert: Kim Pham Contact: Bio: Kim Pham has co-owned the Kaleisia Tea Lounge in Tampa, Fla. since 2004. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



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25 thoughts on “Green Tea : What Is Green Tea?

  1. lol you should not smoke green tea ! as a matter a fact don’t smoke anything that cannot be used a controlled substance,you can damage your insides people!

    Drinking it is the smart thing to do,there are also pills you can take instead( thats if you dont like green tea for it’s taste) But I think it tastes amazing,I have grown quite used to it…I think anyone can=)

  2. Just had my first premium loose-leaf (imported from India) style green tea…What a difference! The smell and taste are both leaps and bounds ahead of any bagged tea, i swear its like a completely different type of drink. Damn it, now that I’ve tasted it i might not be able to go back, this habit might get more costly 😛

  3. get this stuff whenever i go eating at a half decent chinese, keep fillin me little mug with the stuff, just seems to wake me up quite a bit, tastes fresh.

    As for smokin the stuff, i wouldn’t try it lol, heard smoking any sort of tea can mess ya up

  4. well yea it has caffeine so it will give you energy to workout!
    and instead of a few unhealthy snacks and sodas every day you could just drink green tea :]
    make sure its organic

  5. @ryoliciousrules hi

    when i drink green tea i always have chest pain,i have pain exactly where the heart is located…it happened everytime i drank two bags of tea in one cup…but with coffee it is different there is no pain at all???any idea???

  6. hmm iv’e never heard anything like that, green tea is supposed to help the heart.
    but the only things i can think of is maybe its too hot? or maybe its the wrong brand of green tea?
    i drink wild harvest organic green tea from acme and Numi organic from giants. you should give them a try :]
    i ope this helps i would hate for anyone to miss out on green tea :]

  7. @fleurdelaurier
    The possible reason is that the green tea you are drinking is spoiled — all other chemical counpounds are gone but caffaine is still there. Also, Green tea increases blood flow.
    Drink as much as you can — one bag a time is enough. Try taichigreentea!

  8. @silentologist
    Never use cheap green tea to ruin your health. Buy the best you can offer, otherwise, do not drink green tea.
    Try taichigreentea!

  9. @ThePeaceKeepers
    2 possible reasons:
    1. The green tea you have is already spoild a long time ago. Most green tea in US is spoiled. So throw it away.
    2. For the real green tea, you can not use too hot water to make it. Lukewarm water is fine.
    Try taichigreentea — then you know what is real green tea!

  10. @guiliomcewan
    no good green tea is allowed to be flavored. All the flavored green tea is low quality green tea – they use the other stuff to cover the bad taste of the low-quality green tea.
    Try taichigreentea!

  11. it’s odd getting better brew from tap water, over filtered water lately. If i use filtered water it greatly dulls down the sweet after taste of Lung Ching etc, i just ordered some Ceylonese and Indian teas as well… they have a more mint flavor to them that is a nice contrast to Chinese green teas.

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