Green Tea Loose

Green Tea Loose
Does drinking espresso and green tea help you loose weight faster?

caffeine like: sugar free red bulls, triple shots of pure espresso from starbucks and lipton green tea

are they good for you in the loosing weight process?
if so, what else should i try??
any ideas or input is greatly appreciated!!!

Green tea might do some good, but I always understood that caffeine consumption inhibited fat loss. I think it is debated. Here are some opinions that concur with mine:

Caffeine makes it harder to lose weight, according to Dr Thomas Yarnell.

I find that whenever I drink coffee, I’m in the mood to eat a bar of chocolate or a few biscuits. It also leaves me feeling bloated and inactive. Coffee actually dehydrates you, and your body can mistake this for hunger. You should probably drink water if you want to lose weight. Aim for 8 glasses (two litres) a day.

Caffeine absolutely hinders weight loss for many reasons. It raises cortisol levels. It raises and drops blood sugar making you crave carbs. It actually makes you lethargic after the initial energy boost wears off, therefore making you less likely to exercise. It is also bad for you in many many other ways.

How to Purchase Loose Green Tea

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