Green Tea Frappuccino

Green Tea Frappuccino
starbucks green tea frappuccinos?

i had a cup of starbucks’ green tea frappuccino over a year ago, and since that time i’ve had one every 12 hours. i’m hooked! and recently, i changed to the green tea blackberry. if i go 24 hours without a cup, i would turn really moody and upset. but as soon as i get my hands on a cup, i turn happy and very hyper. ideas on whats wront with me?

you’re addicted to it… caffeine is a drug, after all.

maybe you should get ‘hooked’ on plain green tea instead, decaffeinated. it’s extremely healthy for you, as you’ve probably heard or read. it won’t give you that ‘buzz’ however — but it is very soothing to have a warm cup of unsweetened green tea before bed. if you must sweeten it, add some honey.

those green tea frapuccinos contain lots of calories, so you’ll want to limit your intake of them as well.

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