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The beverage industry in Japan is fiercely competitive with vending machines on nearly every street corner and new and interesting concoctions and campaigns being placed before the consumer every month. One of the most interesting results of this fight for market share is the periodic release by the big names of Coke and Pepsi of unique and interesting variations on their traditional cola flavors. The most recent to appear is Green Tea Flavor Coca Cola which is being reviewed with this video. However, the first prize in the uncanny category must go to Pepsi for their short-lived summer release of Cucumber-flavor Pepsi. As if the name alone was not enough to twist your lips the light green bottle was an eye-opener to every cold beverage fan who happened upon this drink during the summer months of 2007 (I may be wrong about the year).

25 thoughts on “Green Tea Flavor Coca Cola

  1. I have tried Lipton, 3 types of Midori, and Triple Leaf. All but the Triple Leaf comes slightly close to the Genmacha of the restaurant.

    Lipton’s reminds me of distilled garbage water. It cost $1.79 for 40 tea bags. The Midori, not as bad as the Lipton, costs $1.09 for 20 tea bags. The Triple Leaf? – costs $3.99 for 12. You get what you pay for. And Coke is $1.20 for 20 oz. ’nuff said?

    I stopped drinking soda about 2 weeks now and since I found Genmacha won’t go back.

  2. Holy crap if they sold Green tea coca cola, here in the U.S. I would be so happy!!

    I would drink 3 or 4 bottles a day if they sold it here, and the antioxidants in it are good for your immune system and brain because of L-Theanine that’s in it.

    I think this would be a healthier soda to drink…You’re so lucky to try it.

  3. Hello EricSchwin22, I’m sorry that this particular type of Coke is not availablein your area. Perhaps if it is a hit here then it will become available elsewhere. -Kurt 🙂

  4. Great vid man, its really cool how you reviewed this cola, behind actual green tea fields! Epic!

    Great cola for Japan, sucks for us!

    California, U.S.A

  5. hey, they have a shiso pepsi, which is a japanese herb like plant they put in miso sup and sometiems serve with sashimi. do a review on it? 😛 it tastes pretty funny lol

  6. Hello dondondodo, Thanks for the suggestion. I’m actually putting together some footage for a Shiso Pepsi review (I have everything but the Shiso Pepsi shot). Thanks for the kind reminder as I had better do this soon before its no longer available in the stores. Thanks again! -Kurt 🙂

  7. lol, i like it 😀
    also there are some funny flavored kit kats you can find if you go to like tourist areas, i found a hot pepper flavored kit kat 😮 and mango and like “lamone” (type of candy) flavored. they’re interesting 🙂

  8. Hello Bosingr, There is actually very little tea flavor (just a hint at the end). I think that the key with this product is the inclusion of chemicals from green tea which are considered to be beneficial to our health. -Kurt 🙂

  9. 0:38 【カテキン】

    catechin (カテキン) in cola….. (′・ω・`)
    catechin is a medicinal use element of green tea.

  10. @1freshjandal Yeah, diet is actually pretty bad for you. Did you know that they use Diet Coke to clean blood off of highways? oxo

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