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Green Tea And Health Benefits For Obese People

The scientists at the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University reported in Nutrition that obese people that have metabolic syndrome had lower levels of amyloid alpha after they drank green tea or took green tea extracts. Ayloid alpha is a reported risk factor for heart and other cardiovascular disease.

More and more scientific evidence supports the beneficial aspects of green tea, citing EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) as being particularly helpful. Besides helping people lose weight, green tea has also been reported to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and also lower the risk of some cancers. Green tea also helps oral health.

This particular eight week study of 35 obese people showed green tea and extracts to be well tolerated. The people in the study averaged a little over 40 years of age. They were randomly chosen to drink four cups of decaffeinated green tea, or four cups of water, or take two capsules of green tea extracts every day for a total of eight weeks.

The four cups of green tea or two capsules of extracts averaged about 450 milligrams of EGCG each. Both types reduced the levels of the amyloiod alpha, with the beverage reducing levels by 14.5%, and the extract taking levels down by 24.6% by the end of the eight week study.

The researchers noted, “…green tea may be included as part of a comprehensive strategy involving diet, exercise, and specific dietary supplementations aimed at reversing inflammation, endothelial dysfunction, and cardiovascular risk factors in subjects with metabolic syndrome.”

Green tea have 30 to 40% of polyphenols, whereas black tea only had about 3 to 10% present.

Green tea clearly has the better health benefits.

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