Green Tea And Health

Green Tea And Health Benefits From It

For almost five thousand years, green tea has been a beverage of choice in China. It is used as a medical beverage there to treat all kinds of ailments from headaches to depression..

The leaves come from an evergreen plant called Camellia sinesis, just like black tea does. However, they are treated differently in processing. When making green tea, the leaves are picked and then steamed. That way the antioxidant compounds are not altered chemically or oxidized.

In the Americas in recent years, green tea is becoming more and more popular because scientific research suggest it may actually have a lot of health benefits.

So What Does Green Tea Do For You?

A number of scientific studies that have been done just to answer that question. Evidence suggests that green tea can help fight certain kinds of cancer and heart disease as well. What interests a lot of people is the fact is can also promote weight loss by helping with the oxidation of fat.

And if that’s not enough, drinking green tea on a regular basis can stop blood clots from forming and lower cholesterol.

Although green tea has many proven health benefits, not all health claims have been verified. For example, it supposedly helps burn calories, which is why people on a diet like to drink it. Additionally, green tea is purported to help Multiple Sclerosis and stop the onset of senile dementia. There is no scientific evidence to back up these particular claims at the moment, but neither have they been proven wrong.

As for what makes green tea so good for us, the health benefits come from the polyphenols the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant contain. These polyphenols are a type of antioxidant and help fight harmful free radicals in the body. Just remember that green tea also has caffeine, so drinking too much could have side effects caused by caffeine like insomnia, restlessness, heart palpitations, and anxiety.

Drinking Green Tea And Other Uses

You can brew your own green tea so it’s fresh when you drink it and contains the most antioxidants. It does lose some of the benefits when brewed and bottled and sitting on a shelf for long periods, so fresh brewed has definite advantages! You can drink it hot, or you can make iced tea with it.

There are various food products available that contain green tea such as desserts, ice cream, cooking pastes, rice cakes and syrups.

Additionally, green tea extract can be taken as a herbal supplement, or added to other foods.

Because of the powerful antioxidant properties, green tea has also been added to many beauty products. Face and body moisturizers, cleansers, shower gels, fragrances, soaps, face masks and serums all have varieties containing green tea. People who like the smell can even buy aromatherapy candles, air fresheners and potpourri that are made with green tea essential oil.

Green tea has become so popular, there are new products coming out all the time that contain it.

However you like to use green tea, enjoy green tea and health benefits it gives.

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