Gourmet Green Tea

Gourmet Green Tea
What is the difference between white, green, and black tea?

I’m sort of familar with green tea… made the mistake of ordering a green tea drink from Starbucks once. It tasted horrible. I was looking up some gourmet coffee/tea and was just wondering what the difference’s between them all were.

They are all from the same plant, there are actually 4 types of tea:
White: Just steamed & dried (mild, almost tasteless)
Green: Withered, heated, rolled & dried (grassy taste)
Oolong: Withered, bruise edges, short fermentation, dried (richer flavor)
Black: Withered, rolled, full fermentation, fired (strongest flavor)

As far as the health effect of green tea; it contains fluoride which isn’t a problem for most people but should be avoided by anyone with thyroid problems.

White & green are steeped at a lower temp (160&190F respectively) where oolong is @ 200F and black should be steeped in boiling water (212F).

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