Gourd Yerba Tea

Gourd Yerba Tea
Yerba Mate gourd question, I’d really appreciate any help…?

I left some tea in my yerba mate gourd for about 2 weeks, and of course it got mouldy. I’m kind of a germaphobe, so I’m wondering if this mould is bad? I’ve read that people think it adds to the taste, others scrape it out and continue on, but that seems unhealthy. What’s the deal, is this gourd still usable or should i toss it? Also, I know that South Americans drink this and it is popular in the rainforests, I’m sure that people there can’t clean it very well all the time.

And please answer only if you KNOW, don’t just say “Oh mould is bad”- I’m looking for someone who can give me an educated and informed answer.

I will give a best answer.
Thanks for the links but the first one says 24 hours, not two weeks- the mould is white.

And “mould” is an alternate spelling, and one that I prefer 😉

Wood gourds hardly ever develop the moisture mold. Traditional gourds, however, if allowed to remain moist for too long, will develop a natural mold. Often this happens during the curing process. Do not be alarmed, the gourd can be easily cleaned. NEVER USE SOAP. NEVER USE DETERGENT. The majority of yerba mate drinkers merely use boiling water to destroy the mold. The native yerba mate drinkers point out that the remains will discolor the gourd, but not make the gourd unusable. Indeed, some Latin Americans suggest that some of the benefits of yerba mate (specifically the reparation of the heart muscle) may be imparted by the unique mold that the yerba mate and the gourd combine to create. The idea that a mold could contain healing properties is not new; see (Fun Facts About Fungi).

I found this at this website
this english is at the bottom

this is an other helpful site

by the way it’s spelled mold not mould

How to prepare yerba mate tea – www.layerbamate.com.au

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