Ginseng Oolong Tea

Ginseng Oolong Tea
what is the best vessel to brew loose leaf tea in?

i have recently gotten back from china. i have also brought the equivalent of 500 pots of ginseng oolong tea (delicious =D). when in china, i saw a fairly standard pot including a small body, rounded spouts/handles, and an inner piece full of holes.
all i have are general pots and pans.
what would be the best way to brew it?

If you don’t want to buy any new hardware, I’d suggest putting some tea leaves in a mug and pour hot water (not boiling it scalds the tea, esp. green) into it. Steep the tea as you would a bag. Then pour the tea (minus the leaves) into a new cup. Use a spoon or coffee filter to strain, as the tea steeps, the leaves settle to the bottom for easy straining.

Or make your own tea bags by tying the tea off in a small coffee filter.

Or buy a strainer from cookware/tea store for a few dollars. Or you can buy a pot from Chinatown for around $15-20.

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