Flower Tea Jasmine

Flower Tea Jasmine
whats the name of the white sweet scented flower?

its a shrub that grows like 5+ feet tall. the flowers are white and actually quite small but very very fragrant. it can live in zone 9, central florida, thats where i’ve always seen it. it likes partial shade. its not like jasmine scent. jasmine is too pungent. neither gardenia. this smell is so sweet, almost like an artificial scent. when i bought it a few years back the lady told me it was called something that sounded like “tea tree?”
Yes it is the tea olive!!! Thank you so much!!

Here is a link to a photo of the Tea Olive/ Which by the way will grow to 20 feet tall.
Or it could be a Mock Orange which has a heavenly sent.

Beautiful Jasmine flower Tea

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