Flavored Loose Leaf

Flavored Loose Leaf
Where do you purchase herbs to mix in loose leaf tea?

I am an AVID tea drinker, and would LOVE to experiment more with loose leaf tea, and mixing herbs spices, and fruit flavor in my tea. Where do I find these things to mix in my loose leaf white, black, green, etc.? I am looking to make my purchases online, but I do not know what to search. Also do you have any tips with the tea experiments I am interested in? Thanks a bunch.

I also drink green tea (Chinese Bancha Leaf Tea). I add sometimes German Chamomile Flowers (dried), or Peppermint Leaf (dried). I never add any sweeteners.

You can get leaf teas, and many herbs at:

call them to get a discount from posted prices (20%). I recommend packs of 1 lb.

NOTE: most local health foods stores use Frontier Coop as their supplier anyway. Do not buy from the self-service jars because people make them unclean. The cleanest and cheapest way is directly from Frontier Coop

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