Flavored Decaf Loose

Flavored Decaf Loose
Does anyone know a good decaf loose-leaf tea?

I like my tea. In fact, I like my tea too much and often want a nice cup at midnight for the taste, or realize that I drank 10 cups today. So I could use a decaf tea, preferably green.
I live in a small city in the US Midwest with no Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, or any of the big organic supermarket chains. I don’t like the taste of Lipton decaf tea bags. Bigelow’s decaf green is okay but I’d like a recommendation for something better. And no, I don’t want fruit-flavored tea or tea in a bottle. Something decaf I can make at home.
For the benefit of people who can’t read paragraphs:
Whole Foods = NO. The closest is 50 miles away.
Trader Joe’s = NO. The closest is 50 miles away.

You can order some tea – Harney and Sons has some fine decaf and a huge variety of flavors. I agree about the Lipton, horrible stuff there.

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