Does Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Does Green Tea help you lose weight?

Dieters green tea certainly seems to help a lot of people. Since it is such a healthful drink, what has you got to lose? But maybe some weight!  It can give you energy, help you get slim… green tea is a great addition to your weight loss strategy!

Here are some questions and answers about dieters green tea, and using green tea to help you lose weight. Perhaps you’ll find some information you wondered about!

Susan asks…

How can I make my own slimming tea or dieters green tea to lose weight?

Camillia answers:

My friend has been taking slimming tea for a few months, and I have to say that it is working for her. This is of course includes eating healthy and exercising. She takes around 2 or 3 cups a day. Most people these days are too obsessed with diet pills and expensive programs that don’t work.

This stuff is natural and it works. Not all diet teas are equal though, some work better than others. The best results came from the one we made ourselves. The best part is that It’s all natural and we know what’s in it. You can get more info about Dieters Green tea on this page.  

Thomas asks…

can you drink a dieters green tea if your breastfeeding a 14 month old?

it is all natural…no caffeine 0 calories and the ingredients are malva verticillata and loqaut leaf

Camillia answers:

You can pretty much eat and drink as normal when breastfeeding. I certainly never gave up coffee.  Just don’t overdo it because the caffeine might keep the baby awake if you drink too much of any beverage that has caffeine.

Michael asks…

dieters green tea, will help me lose weight?

I would like to lose some weight and I heard that dieters green tea helps, and it also makes you go to the bathroom a lot (it flushes out your system) is this true .
Also can I get addicted to this as I don’t have any bowl movement problem and Im just concerned if I start drinking this and then stop I cannot go unless I drink this tea

Camillia answers:

Green tea won’t do any miracles but I do believe it helps. I don’t think it’s addictive – the caffeine is natural and mild. I don’t think it’s especially diuretic either. Drinking a healthy amount of water itself is diuretic, and you should be doing this anyway (8-12 cups every day). I count my tea as some of my cups of water as it really is just water flavoured slightly with leaves.

Hope this helps.

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