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If you would like to lose weight and want some natural help to do so, dieters green tea might be just the thing you need!

Even though all green tea is beneficial to the body, you want to find the most effective green tea for weight loss.  Some people prefer to take green tea extract in capsule form, but purists believe that brewing green tea for weight loss is the best way to do it.  That way you are sure there are no additives such as a supplement might have, and the nutrients are pure and in basic form.

Dieters Green Tea for Weight Loss Benefits

Using green tea for weight loss provides many benefits.  For one thing, it is a natural way to assist your body in burning fat.  There are substances that occur naturally in green tea called catechin polyphenols that help burn the fat in the body more effectively.

Also, drinking dieters green tea makes the carbohydrates you consume be released more slowly into the bloodstream instead of having a sudden release of carbohydrates.  That tends to make blood-insulin levels rise in a hurry, which can cause the body to store fat rather than burn it.

The benefit of drinking green tea and allowing the slower release of carbohydrates means that the fat is burned on a steady basis.

Another way the dieters green tea helps with weight loss is by reducing the chances for the glucose to change to fat.  Normally when there is excess glucose in the blood stream the body naturally changes those sugars to fat.  However, when green tea is used for weight loss, it releases an enzyme into the blood that helps with the breakdown of the glucose so that it does not have time to form into the fat cells.

One More Helper With Dieters Green Tea

Furthermore, there is caffeine in green tea, and when that is combined with the catechin polyphenols, both help to create a thermogenesis.  This in turn helps the body to burn brown fat, which reduces weight.  In addition, the caffeine levels also help to stimulate the energy level of the person so that they are more active which in itself helps to burn more calories on a daily basis.

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